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Our Preventive Approach

Until now, the action of the Commissaire à la déontologie policière has focused mainly on the processing of complaints received. However, we decided that our mandate needed to be broadened to allow us to better accomplish our mission : to preserve the high standards of professionalism that the population of Quebec is entitled to expect from police officers and other peace officers subject to the Code of ethics of Québec police officers. Thus, we will henceforth promote these exemplary behaviors in addition to intervening when citizens complaint about police behaviors that derogate from the Code.

We will inform various relevant stakeholders (senior management, managers, supervisors, persons subject to the Code, members of the public, etc.) and provide them with quality tools with the aim of both promoting excellence in police professionalism and prevent risky police behavior that could lead to violations of the Code.


In this section

We will include in this section information with different purposes :

Portraits of complaints and of best practices (French only)

Risk factors and winning conditions (French only)

Citizen and police perspectives (French only)

Measures, reminders and advice (French only)

Police situations to target (French only)

Please note that due to the Office québécois de la langue française's guidelines, only content targeted specifically to the public will be translated to English (as opposed to the content targeting police and peace officers). 


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