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False Police Charge or Ticket

This page has been written for the purposes of legal education. Its purpose is to present in a general and simplified manner the law in force in Quebec concerning police powers and duties, your obligations as citizens and advice when you consider that a police officer has laid charges or issued a ticket knowing full well that these are unjustified. Its content should therefore not be construed as legal advice or advice. To find out the specific rules or advice appropriate to your situation, consult a lawyer.


The Police Power to Charge or Issue a Ticket

A police officer has the power to charge or issue tickets to a citizen when they judge that the latter has not complied with a law or regulation and that they have evidence.

Of course, just because a police officer has made observations, has gotten proof and accused you of breaking a law or regulation does not mean that you are necessarily guilty. If you are of the opinion that you are not guilty of the charges against you, you have the opportunity to challenge your ticket and defend yourself in court. A judge will then decide on the validity of the charges or the ticket after hearing the evidence presented by the parties.



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