Duties of conciliators

In the performance of their mandate, the conciliators appointed by the Commissaire à la déontologie policière must :

  • obtain and preserve the confidence of the parties and, to this end, show courtesy, reserve, dignity, integrity and impartiality
  • accomplish their work with due diligence and flexibility;  
  • make sure that the session in conducted in a calm and orderly fashion;  
  • avoid exerting undue pressure on a party to accept a settlement;  
  • adjourn, continue working separately or terminate the procedure after notifying the parties, if and when :

    • the proper conduct of the session is compromised;
    • continuation is likely to be prejudicial to one of the parties;
    • the conclusion of an agreement definitely appears to be wishful thinking;
    • a reason of public interest requires that it be referred to the Commissaire;  

  • avoid interfering in a dispute that comes under the jurisdiction of an administrative, civil, penal or criminal tribunal;  
  • ensure the confidentiality of the discussions held during conciliation.