The law provides that all complaints must be submitted to conciliation, unless the Commissaire decides to dismiss the file after his preliminary examination or if he feels that an investigation is required in a case of public interest, for example when it involves :

  • death;
  • serious injuries;
  • criminal offences;
  • repeated offences.

Conciliation is mandatory for police officers, wildlife protection officers, special constables, highway controllers and UPAC investigators. If the complainant considers that conciliation is inappropriate in his case, he may object to it himself. The reasons set forth will be assessed by the Commissaire, who will decide how the complaint is to be handled following his preliminary examination.

When the Commissaire decides to refer the file to conciliation, he designates a conciliator who, among other things, is responsible for planning and holding the conciliation session within a period of 45 days. This period may be extended by the Commissaire.