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Request for Review

If a complainant disagrees with one of the Commissioner's decisions, they have the option of requesting a review of it, on the condition that they can submit new facts or elements.


In the Event of a Rejection at Any Time Other than After Investigation

When the Commissioner rejects or dismisses a complaint following a preliminary analysis, a lack of cooperation from the complainant during conciliation, following a failure in conciliation or during an investigation, the complainant may have this decision reviewed by submitting new facts or elements within 15 days.

If the Commissioner overturns his initial decision, he may render the decision that best suits the stage at which the complaint has reached.

The Commissioner's decisions are justified in writing and sent to the parties as well as to the director of the police service or to the employer of the peace officers concerned.


How to request a review?

Online form. The complainant can fill out a request for review form online. This way is as secure as the post office and much faster. This is the preferred method.


In the Event of a Dismissal After Investigation

When a complaint is rejected after investigation, a request for review may be made to the Tribunal administratif de déontologie policière.

In this case, the form must then be filled with the office of the Tribunal within 30 days of notification of the Commissioner's decision.

The Tribunal renders a decision after analyzing the reasons for the request and the file compiled by the Commissioner. At any time, the Tribunal may hold a hearing if it deems it necessary, and summon the complainant.

In its decision, the Tribunal may:

  • confirm the Commissioner's decision to dismiss the complaint;
  • overturn the Commissioner's decision by ordering him:
    • to continue his investigation;
    • to carry out a new investigation;
    • to cite the police officer or peace officer targeted by the complaint.

In matters of review, the Tribunal's decision is final and without appeal.



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