Ensuring professional conduct,
while respecting everyone’s rights

About us

Who are we?

The Commissaire à la déontologie policière is an independent government organization made up of civilians providing oversight of police work in terms of ethics.

We are not part of a police organization or linked to the Comité de déontologie policière, which is the administrative tribunal specializing in police ethics.

What do we do?

We receive, examine and process complaints filed against police officers, wildlife protection officers, special constables, highway controllers, UPAC senior officers or investigators as well as BEI senior officers or investigators who have not complied with the Code of ethics of Québec police officers.


What is our purpose?

To ensure that Quebec police officers and other peace officers adopt professional conduct that respects everyone's rights, as well as to strengthen the bond of trust between these people and the population they serve.

Before filing a complaint

Please first check if a police ethics complaint is the right recourse for your situation, then complete our online complaint form :

Filing a complaint

We can help

If you want more information or need help
to file your complaint, do not hesitate to contact us :

1 877 237-7897, from Monday to Friday from  8:30 to 16:30.


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